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CPDE Global Action of Day 2019 – Morocco

CIDH in partnership with CPDE will implement an action named : Walking the Talk – Our Space Counts. This local consultation will be organized on the Belgrade Call to Action.

The Consultation will be organized on Saturday the 14th of December 2019 at Hotel Parador, Laayoune.

It aims to Defend Human Rights and Civic Space for a Just and Sustainable World. The specific objectives are:

– Advocating with key actors to increase participation and inclusion through the promotion of peaceful assembly and association

– Promote strong partnership and spirit of solidarity for an open and free civic space

– Strengthening the power of people to organize, mobilize, and take action

The targets of the project are: Social movements, women’s groups, youth activist groups, journalists, and Representatives of the National Human Rights Institution. The beneficiaries are: Women, Youth, Men, Human Rights Defenders, Media, and Lawyers.

The results are :

– Enabled space to come together, debate, organize for collective action, scrutinize the actions of the powerful and express dissent

– incubated and shared ways of creating early warning systems on threats to civic space, and tools for supporting the safety of activists under attack

– Ensured that civic freedoms and civil society rights get the attention they deserve on the National agenda.

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