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CIDH Executive Director Intervention during the Nile for Peace - Kampala Conference in Uganda

The world around us is witnessing repeated disruptions on several levels, whether economic, political and geostrategic. As Africans to face these profound changes, we have a single option, which is to search for ways of union, peace and development in a manner that respects human rights and the dignity of the African citizen.

Africa around us suffers from economic and human crises because of the difficult international conditions and as a result of the instability resulting from the lack of listening to the peoples and their hopes for prosperity and peace

For this, it is a priority today to push towards the creation of a positive African climate that helps the established development goals that we seek to achieve, collectively and as individuals.

We must listen to the voice of reason and logic because Africa does not need the sound of guns and threats actually it knows it well. Rather, it needs lasting peace and democratic regimes based on respect for human rights, peace and well-being for the peoples of Africa combined.

In relation to the Renaissance Dam, which puts us in front of common challenges, we are all asked to what extent we are committed to the slogans we carry in the various international summits and to what we have pledged in terms of international agreements to respect the rights and interests of mama Africa

The logic of selfishness and individualism will not contribute in any way to achieving progress and development for African countries. On the contrary, this will undermine achievements and waste the political time of the conflicting countries and for the whole region

The power of Egypt is from the power of Ethiopia, and the same applies to all the countries of the basin there. There must be solutions that take into account the rights of peoples and their common interests. The Nile is a history from which civilizations lived, and it is an existential accountability for the surrounding peoples, so it cannot be turned into a pressure card or a means of punishment in the hands of a state or another.

The Nile is for everyone, the Nile is for all of humanity

The world around us is fed by the problems of Africa, and countries have become one of the greatest countries in the world due to the immaturity of Africa, and any deviation from reason and logic to solve the problem of the Renaissance Dam will perpetuate Africa’s weakness and prove that African leaders don’t act in the interests of the peoples of Africa

Respecting the rights of peoples is a fundamental question that must be brought in when disputes arise like this. The states parties must recall that their peoples must not be collectively punished, because lack of agreement leads to instability, which these countries cannot bear, not even Africa combined.

We have no escape from consensus and respect for the rights of African peoples to prosperity and peacee therefore we call the AU and UN to intensify their efforts and pressure towards ideal ends for this misunderstanding between these states that should be stories of success and leadership in Africa instead of example of selfishness and violation of human rights

In a nutshell I call all the white hands to participate in getting the best of our political leaders to work for a united Africa where human rights and democracy and the rule of law are the basis of their existence

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,

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