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The 4th Universal Periodic Review - Algeria2022

About CIDH (coalition lead)

CIDH is a regional, non-profit, non-governmental organization. The law of association and the fundamental texts, which are the Statutes, the Internal Regulations and the Procedure Manual, govern it. It is secular and apolitical. It can join any organization, NGO, Grassroots Association or National and International Networks.

The CIDH has its headquarters in LAAYOUNE, MOROCCO. CIDH aims to "BUILD SOCIETIES WHERE RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ARE AT THE HEART OF EVERYDAY LIFE". It is an effective platform for the defense of rights, digital, social and justice for an inclusive Africa.

The CIDH's mission is to contribute from the grassroots to capacity building, Effective Participation and Respect for human rights. This is done through awareness raising, training and education programs, and effective advocacy using digital communication technologies. Our areas of intervention are § Human Rights and Good Governance § Education and Women's Rights § Environment and Sustainable Development § Awareness through digital empowerment.

The CIDH has more than 15 years of expertise on human rights in Africa and has already trained several of its members in North Africa on issues related to freedom of association and expression, arbitrary arrests and victims of violence. It has also presented papers at sessions of the Geneva-based Human Rights Council, ACHPR Sessions and the NGO Forum. It is a partner of several human rights associations on the Continent, CIDH is the focal point that represents North Africa in the African NGO’s forum.


CIDH AFRICA - UPR Algeria 2022
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